Bald Eagle From Covered Patio At Petes Cabin Prineville Reservoir

Alway something new and beautiful at Petes Cabin. I was just walking across the patio when this white object caught my eye. Look closely, right in the middle. An adult bald eagle. We see them often circling above, usually in pairs.

He’s nearly a hundred yards from me when I took the picture and when I approached him to see if I could get a ¬†closer shot he leaned forward with his wings outstreached and fell into a spectacular glide.

Just to the north of this view sits one lone Pine tree in the midst of these thousands of Juniper trees. In the top is a nest that was home to a pair of eagles a few years ago. We could watch the progress as their young matured and left the nest. Don’t know if these birds will ever return to use that nest.

What more can I say other than come see for yourself. Their is alway something different and amazing happening at Petes Cabin on the Prineville Reservoir.

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